Controlling HttpOnly Cookies

Browser cookies served from PeopleSoft are marked as HttpOnly by default starting in PeopleTools 8.57. HttpOnly cookies prevent client side scripts from accessing the cookie. There are many scenarios where you may want to access a PeopleSoft cookie via JavaScript in the browser. You can disable the HttpOnly flag for a PeopleSoft cookie by specifying the cookie name on the Browser Cookie Rules grid on the Cookie Rules tab of the Web Profile.

Web Profile Cookie Rules

Using the Web Profile configuration for disabling HttpOnly flags for cookies works well, but there are scenarios where the developer may want to control whether the HttpOnly flag is set for a cookie. Unfortunately, the delivered Cookie class used for creating cookies in PeopleCode does not provide a way to set the HttpOnly flag. If a developer wants to disable the HttpOnly flag for a cookie via code, then they can use the SetHeader method of the %Response class to create the cookie manually.

   %Response.SetHeader("Set-Cookie", "MyCookie=123; path=/");

This results in the cookie being marked as non-HttpOnly in the browser.

Non-HttpOnly Cookie

PeopleSoft cookies being served as HttpOnly by default is a great security enhancement. However, this seemingly small enhancement can cause some severe issues for customers upgrading to 8.57 that require cookies to be JavaScript accessible. Understanding the demonstrated techniques to override this delivered behavior will surely help resolve these potential post-upgrade issues.

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