PeopleCode Syntax Highlighting in Ace Editor

Ace is an embeddable code editor written in JavaScript. The Ace Editor allows for practical software development in online tools such as the Cloud9 IDE. With tools like Cloud9, you can develop software from any one of your internet-connected devices. PeopleSoft development is a bit different than developing software in other languages, however, as App Designer is needed to edit PeopleCode programs. I would rather not have to always rely on a client-based application to edit PeopleCode. This is the reason that I embarked on writing a JavaScript-based PeopleCode editor powered by Ace. The Ace Editor provides many desirable features that can be found in most modern editors and it also allows for language-specific syntax highlighting. Today I would like to share the PeopleCode syntax mode that I created for the Ace Editor.

Usage of the PeopleCode syntax highlighter in the Ace Editor is really simple. A few lines of JavaScript are needed to target an HTML element containing the PeopleCode to highlight:

var editor = ace.edit("editor");
var JavaScriptMode = ace.require("ace/mode/people_code").Mode;
editor.session.setMode(new JavaScriptMode());
editor.setOption("showPrintMargin", false);

This will apply the syntax highlighting rules to the PeopleCode string within the HTML element when the page is rendered. You can check out this JS Fiddle to see the highlighter in action. The syntax highlighter is not perfect, but it is definitely a step up from no highlighting at all. If you are interested in the implementation of the highlighting rules, then you can view the source code on GitHub.

While PeopleCode syntax highlighting with the Ace Editor is helpful for displaying read-only PeopleCode snippets online, this functionality really becomes useful when used in an online PeopleCode editor that is capable of making real time code updates to the application. I did a post last year discussion the idea of exposing the %Metadata Application Package as an API of sorts to support the backend of an online PeopleCode editor. While this was a solid proof of concept, the demonstrated editor in that post was undoubtedly hideous. Since then I have added a slew of changes with the most important one being the incorporation of the Ace Editor. Here is a screen shot of the progress that has been made to the online PeopleCode editor project:

Online PeopleCode Editor

As you can probably tell, the Ace Editor with PeopleCode syntax highlighting is a step in the right direction in making a usable online PeopleCode editor. I hope to to share and document the new features and functionality of the online PeopleCode editor project in a future post.


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